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    Name: AlessiaRosse Age: 24 Category: Big_Tits Tits: big
    AlessiaRosse's profile:
    I am a little kitty, even spoilled you can say. Well, I spoil myself, but you can do it to, haha! I know how to give attention and I like the attention too. Don't shy away from saying hi.
    What turns AlessiaRosse on :
    I like being protected, feeling safe and making me feel like this ... it will for sure turn me on. The attitude means a lot for me. Be a man!
    What turns AlessiaRosse off :
    I hate being ignored so when you start something with me, finish it on a nice tone.

    Name: DarkDream88 Age: 23 Category: White Tits: normal
    DarkDream88's profile:
    What turns DarkDream88 on :
    I like when man takes control...
    What turns DarkDream88 off :
    i don't have any limits.. I can be very naughty

    Name: AdrennaLyne Age: 22 Category: Blonde Tits: tiny
    AdrennaLyne's profile:
    What I can say about me is that I am an explosion of optimism, sass and erotism. With my cute, small feet and my long natural hair I will teach you what a real woman is.
    What turns AdrennaLyne on :
    I love to be treated as I treat others, that is with care and respect. Do that and you'll see the best of me!
    What turns AdrennaLyne off :
    I get turned off by arrogance, I don't like to be hurried when you forget that I'm human and that I have feellings... then we have a problem.

    Name: CloeMaze Age: 27 Category: Blonde Tits: normal
    CloeMaze's profile:
    Cloe is my name, a cute name for a cute girl, sexy blonde with long curly hair and brown eyes, naughty mind and erotic moves, I am your desire, your dream, your sexiest wish, come and let me show you that :
    What turns CloeMaze on :
    I enjoy showing my body the most so help me get undressed and touch me, kiss me, lick every inch of me and I will show you how much I like it, be with me and I ll be all yours :
    What turns CloeMaze off :
    Please don t ask for toilet or familly games, you already know its not *****************

    Name: sellenastar Age: 30 Category: Big_Tits Tits: big
    sellenastar's profile:
    hmm unfortunatly i dont have much space to describe myself,but believe me i am very lovable! Promise me you wont fall in love ! kiss
    What turns sellenastar on :
    I like it when you treat me like a real person, like a real woman and when you push all the right buttons.
    What turns sellenastar off :
    I dont like it when you don't tell me everything you dream and keep your fantasies for you, I am a good confident :D

    Name: MissZhanna Age: 28 Category: Blonde Tits: normal
    MissZhanna's profile:
    I can't really decide if I'm a good girl wrapped up in a bad girl, or if I am a bad girl wrapped up in a good girl therefore my role plays have no limit, I am so confident in my perfect imperfections that I can dominate you or let you dominate me, I have a lot of props to go with my wicked intentions and illusions so strike a match and set me on fire, you light me up sweeten up on my desire! Baby!
    What turns MissZhanna on :
    I am a good lover because I practice a lot on my own, I've done my best to learn the skills of any good woman, like Scheherazade I tell dirty stories, getting your heart rate high and top it off with my clothes skilfully dropping while spin up side down a
    What turns MissZhanna off :
    Ask politely and you shall receive the best you would ever hope to get.

    Name: 00Viviana Age: 22 Category: 18_22 Tits: normal
    00Viviana's profile:
    If You are looking for a hot cutey, don't look further. I am here for You, always.
    What turns 00Viviana on :
    I love giving blow jobs to men and feel their big dicks slide down into my throat. There is no greater feeling for me than having their cum in my mouth. If You got turned on enter into my room. I can make Your day.
    What turns 00Viviana off :
    Unkind manner and lack of courtesy.

    Name: Veliss Age: 22 Category: 18_22 Tits: tiny
    Veliss's profile:
    Hey-hey ;o Cheerful personality here! Come into my private room if you want to be blown away.
    What turns Veliss on :
    I love to do fun things online - will you come and play with me?
    What turns Veliss off :
    Rude people and empty promises.

    Name: MelissaSweetX Age: 21 Category: Blonde Tits: tiny
    MelissaSweetX's profile:
    I am a sweet blonde, loving sex, porno and good masturbation. I love men who know how to treat a girl and make her to feel like a princes.
    What turns MelissaSweetX on :
    Nice gentleman who knows how to please young lady to get a pleasure from her.
    What turns MelissaSweetX off :
    I hate if anybody talks very ugly with me.

    Name: dayibigtits Age: 31 Category: Big_Tits Tits: huge
    dayibigtits's profile:
    If You feel alone visit me anytime and I will make sure You cheer up.
    What turns dayibigtits on :
    Horny-horny boys moaning my name can seriously turn me on.
    What turns dayibigtits off :
    Rude people turn me off. Please be nice.

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